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Qivana is a Network Marketing company that sells health and wellness products. Founder and CEO, Derek Hall started the company in 2009. Mr. Hall and his well rounded team has plenty of network marketing experience, most recently with NuSkin and Xango. The product line was engineered and developed primarily by Dr. Marcus Laux. He has a background in naturopathic medicine, and is the Chief Science Officer of Qivana. They claim to be the first company to apply pharmaceutical science and process to natural products and seek FDA approval within 10 years. I have not been able to verify that statement at the time of my writing this review.

You can expect to pay about $315, which is rather low, to get your business up and running.  This includes an initial product order and fees to join the company as an Independent Business Owner. I have spoken to other reps and they have purchased much higher autoship volumes to allow them to qualify for higher compensation plan profits from the start. You’ll be given that choice also. They also have an optional Qivana Core System product for the cost of $75 – $80 monthly, depending if you are on the autoship or not.
You have access to their automated marketing site, sales and product training and help with personal profiles for your social network pages such as Facebook. “All you do is send people to your site, let the system work for you, and follow-up and close” claims their web site. Easier said than done, but this is nothing new to practically all companies online.  site in the first place.

Qivana doesn’t just sell products individually; they have developed a system consisting of 3 different types of supplements that are designed to help your immune system get stronger. The health philosophy is: Stabilize, Vitalize and Optimize. There are 2 categories for the system:.

*The Qore System: This system is further subdivided into Qore Essentials, Qore Probiotics, Qore Defense, and Qore Detox. These are various forms of nutritional supplements, designed to be taken in a very specific order.
*The Metaboliq: This is primarily a weight loss system developed by Dr. Donald Layman. There are four main supplements within this system: Metaboliq Shake, Metaboliq Stick, Metaboliq Boost, and Metaboliq Resist.

Qivana pays IBO (Independent Business Owners), in three ways: Team Commissions, Bonuses, and Retail Commissions. Qivana utilizes a Binary compensation plan. This means that your team of representatives will fall into two separate legs, left and right. The leg where you have the highest sales volume is usually considered your power leg. The leg with the weaker sales volume is referred to as the Pay Leg. This is the leg from which you earn profits.

The binary plan pays you in 3 different ways It’s through team commissions, executive matching bonus, and incentive bonus. Your commission is 10% of the total volume in your lesser-volume leg. To begin earning profits you must be active with specific Point Values monthly.  In addition to the 10% commission, there are Bonuses in which extra profits are earned: Executive Matching Bonuses, Quick Start Bonus, Builder Bonus, and the Silver Bonus, which can add significantly to your profits.
Silver Pro when you have sponsored someone on your left and your right leg.
The Executive Matching Bonus (EMB) allows you to earn a share of the team commissions on the people you sponsor, which is up to 7 generations. A generation is any Independent Business Owner below you that has qualified as an EMB. There are criteria that you and your team must meet in order to qualify.

The first is called the Silver2 Bonus. As a leader you need to help each of your sponsored IBO’s right below you achieve a Silver ranking.
The next bonus is called the Quick Start Bonus. For a new rep, its seems to be the quickest way to earn the bonuses.
Lastly, the Builder Bonus. You get rewarded when your sponsored IBO makes an initial order of 225PV or higher. The builder bonus you receive depends on your auto ship PV (personal volume) and depends on the initial order amount.
There are also Retail Commissions earned by every time you sell a product, and if the purchaser orders this product on autoship which creates another form of residual income.

There are a multitude of ways for you to get paid with this company. The big variable is in your downline. With an MLM you have to heavily depend on other people’s performance to help you receive bonuses and commissions. That is where the majority of your income is made.

With the massive popularity of health and awareness, Qivana’s product line will surely be compelling and one that consumers will have interest in.  As with all dietary classed products, the claims are normally not endorsed by the US Food and Drug Administration, but that has not slowed down the enormous wave of these goods made available online and offline.

Another aspect to carefully consider is your company’s product has to be something you believe in and use yourself. If you can’t get excited about your product, you are probably in the wrong business.

Like most MLM companies, Qivana also has its share of negative feedback and unsavory customer reviews. Qivana does provide a viable and lucrative opportunity, however I would make sure to do your due diligence before becoming a distributor. Carefully evaluate the product or service before choosing to join Qivana or any MLM network marketing business. It can have a dramatic effect on your success.

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